An Incredible Machine for Your Creative Process

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry demands a 3D printing solution that is fast, accurate, and simple to use. MoonRay was created to meet those needs while still being cost efficient. With MoonRay, you can quickly and easily print surgical guides, dental models, crowns, bridges, and partials.

Engineering & Prototyping

Creating accurate prototypes requires immense precision and dimensional accuracy. MoonRay meets those requirements in an easy-to-use desktop system. MoonRay’s fast print speed of up to one vertical inch per hour will accelerate your design iteration process.

Art & Design

Bring your ideas to life, from concept to printed model, in only a few hours. MoonRay’s excellent high-resolution 3D printing means your finished print will capture all of the details in your 3D model. MoonRay’s build size accommodates tall figures, busts, and highly detailed miniatures.

Bring 3D Printing to Your Dental Practice

Choose between two high-performance options to meet your needs. MoonRay D75 is the preferred solution for producing highly detailed crowns, copings, and bridges, and RPDs. MoonRay S100 allows you to quickly print multiple precise dental models, surgical guides, or night guards. Both MoonRay models work with our easy-to-use software, and are compatible with a wide range of dental materials, including NextDent resins.

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MoonRay D: High-Resolution Dental 3D Printer