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Amazing level of detail - Moonray 3D Printing

Jet Li by Tan Bi

Unleash your creativity

The tools you use should enhance, not limit, your creativity. When it comes to a 3D printer that means versatility, optimal detail, unwavering quality and ease of use. That’s exactly what MoonRay will bring to your creative process.

Amazing level of detail - Moonray 3D Printing

AstroMonkey by T.S. Wittelsbach

Amazing level of detail

If you can imagine it, MoonRay can print it – and in amazing detail. You can print features as small as 100 microns (0.1 mm) with MoonRay, so all the details you envision while creating your model will be visible on each print. In the photo above, you can see the surface finish of a printed model right off the machine, without any post processing. MoonRay’s incredible dimensional accuracy ensures your model will be printed exactly as you designed it, allowing you to present your concept work as an accurate and highly detailed 3D model. MoonRay also handles complex overlapping geometries with ease, so you’ll never have to simplify your design for 3D printing.

Projector XY Resolution

100 Microns

UV DLP Technology

Simple post processing

MoonRay makes the post-printing process simple. Our support structure is very easy to remove -- just gently snap them off. The excellent surface finish you get with MoonRay means you won’t have to waste valuable time sanding your model. When your model is ready for the finishing touches, you can prime and paint over any of our MoonRay resins. With MoonRay Gray Resin, you can even skip the primer and directly paint your model. MoonRay will save you post processing time so you can continue creating.

Simple post processing - Moonray 3D Printing

MoonRay Resin Tank

Up to 50 Liters

Extended Lifetime

Durable and hassle free

MoonRay is solid investment: it's affordable to use and made of high-quality, long-lasting parts. RayOne, MoonRay’s custom-built UV DLP projector, is energy efficient and lasts for 50,000 hours, so you won’t need to worry about expensive bulb replacements. MoonRay’s innovative resin tank is easy to work with -- there’s no messy PDMS layer, and the resin tank lasts for up to fifty liters of resin. Resin tanks for similar 3D printers need to be replaced after every one or two liters of resin used, greatly increasing the cost of operation. We strongly believe artists and designers should not be limited by the cost of high-resolution 3D printing. Our goal is deliver a cost-efficient printer that expands your design horizons.

Generous Build Volume

5" x 3.2" x 8"

Print Tall Parts

Spacious build size

MoonRay is an excellent choice for character designers because of its convenient build size, which is taller than most 3D printers offering a similar resolution at an affordable price, making MoonRay a great option for printing both tall figures and character busts. With MoonRay, you can print parts up to 8-inches tall, 5-inches wide, and 3.2-inches deep. You can easily change the orientation of your model in our RayWare software, giving you the flexibility to print a broad range of designs in all sizes and shapes.

Affordable to own and use, Spacious build size - Moonray 3D Printing

Dragonhorse (left) and Ape Man (right) by Tan Bi -- GreenMan (center) by T.S. Wittelsbach

Reliable and easy-to-use system - Moonray 3D Printing

Reliable and easy-to-use system

We designed MoonRay to be an all-in-one system that’s intuitive and easy to use. To print, simply add your model in RayWare and let the software do the work for you. Our advanced support-generation algorithm creates beautiful, strong supports. The post-printing process is simple, saving you valuable work time. MoonRay was built for reliability, without any moving parts that aren’t essential to the printing process. This simplicity not only makes MoonRay user-friendly, it delivers smooth operation and long-term dependability.

RayWare & MeshMixer - Moonray 3D Printing

Highly Efficient Automatic Support Algorithm


Saves Material and Minimizes Cleaning Time Significantly

Example of Other Support Algorithm


Leaves Marks on Models and It is Difficult to Clean

Standard Resins - Moonray 3D Printing Materials

Standard Resins

MoonRay Standard Resins come in a variety of colors, including orange, white, and clear – and have been formulated to stay true to the original dimensions of your model, preserving every detail.

Gray Resins - Moonray 3D Printing Materials

Gray Resin

MoonRay Gray Resin can print even the most complex models without losing any of the details. Models printed with MoonRay Gray Resin can be directly painted without the use of primer, allowing you to experiment with color and finishes.

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75 microns XY Resolution 100 microns
3.75 x 2.36 x 8 in Build Volume 5 x 3.2 x 8 in
20, 50, or 100 Microns Z Resolution 20, 50, or 100 Microns
Up to 1 vertical inch per hour Print Speed Up to 1 vertical inch per hour
Standard, Castable, Dental Materials Standard, Castable, Dental

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Now you can create intricate high-quality designs, confident your models will always be perfectly rendered. MoonRay’s excellent precision and perfect surface finish guarantee you’ll be able to make the quality pieces you are looking to produce. MoonRay gives you quality, intricacy, and ultra-fast print speed--an unbeatable combination.

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