3D Print Dental Models, Surgical Guides, and Crowns

MoonRay for Dental 3D Printing

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High-quality 3D printing for digital dentistry

Dental professionals are consistently seeking the ideal combination of optimal quality and efficiency. That means serving clients with the most up-to-date and effective technology. In the field of 3D printing, that is exactly what MoonRay can deliver to your lab or practice.

Excellent precision and dimensional accuracy

MoonRay allows you to print precise dental models from intraoral or 3D scans, which can then be used to test the fit of crowns, copings, and dental appliances. Utilize MoonRay and our SG Resin to quickly print surgical guides that fit correctly, every time. Our Castable Resin also makes it easy to print accurate crowns, copings, and partials for casting.

Dental 3D Printing with MoonRay:

  • Dental models for vacuum forming & quality control
  • Surgical guides
  • Crowns & copings
  • Bridges & partials
  • Streamline Your Work Process

    Efficient and Affordable

    MoonRay’s fast DLP technology, generous build envelope, and affordable materials make it an efficient investment. Maximize MoonRay's potential by printing multiple models at once, making your workflow faster and more economical. We broke down the cost and production time of the most common types of dental parts you can print with MoonRay:

    MoonRay: High-Resolution 3D Printer for Dental Models

    Precise Dental Models

    3-5 Models / 1.5 Hours

    $0.5-$2 / Model

    MoonRay: Dental 3D Printer for Crowns and Copings

    Crowns, Copings, and Bridges

    30-40 Models / 2 Hours

    $0.4 / Model

    MoonRay: Dental 3D Printer for Surgical Guides

    Surgical Drill Guides

    3-5 Models / 2 Hours

    $0.40-$2 / Model

    MoonRay: Dental 3D Printer for Custom Impression Trays

    Custom Dental Trays

    2-4 Models / 3 Hours

    $1-$3 / Model

    MoonRay: best 3D printer for dental restorations

    Use models printed with MoonRay to create night guards and other vacuum-formed dental appliances. MoonRay Dental Gray Resin’s strength and durability make it the preferred choice for the vacuum-forming process.

    Easy-to-use system

    Along with being cost efficient, MoonRay is also very simple to set up and easy to use. Simply plug in your MoonRay and open our RayWare software to get started. RayWare allows you to add your model and start printing in only a few clicks. When you are ready to print, you won’t have to wait long to see results. MoonRay can print at speeds of up to one vertical inch per hour, providing an excellent turnaround time for dental models. MoonRay is fast, easy to use, affordable to run, and fits comfortably on any desktop, making it the preferred solution for dental practices and labs.

    Easy-to-use system - MoonRay for Dental 3D Printing Models, Crowns, and Copings

    Castable Resin - MoonRay 3D printing Materials

    Surgical Guide Resin

    Our biocompatible Surgical Guide Resin for MoonRay allows you to print precise and accurate drill guides for use in guided implant surgeries. Guides printed with MoonRay Surgical Guide Resin remain true to the original dimensions of your surgical guide model to ensure a proper fit and placement.

    Dental Gray Resin - MoonRay 3D Printing Materials

    Dental Gray Resin

    MoonRay Gray Resin is incredibly accurate and durable, making it the perfect choice for creating models for fit testing and vacuum forming. MoonRay Gray Resin was formulated to stay true to the original dimensions of your dental model and preserve even the smallest details. All of our MoonRay Resins are easy to work with and do not require any extensive post processing.

    Castable Resin - MoonRay 3D printing Materials

    Castable Resin

    MoonRay Castable Resin has been custom formulated for use in the dental industry and allows you to print highly detailed models, including crowns and bridges, to be cast in metal. Post processing does not change the accuracy of MoonRay resins, including Castable Resin, so your finished part will always be exactly as it was originally designed.

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    75 microns XY Resolution 100 microns
    3.75 x 2.36 x 8 in Build Volume 5 x 3.2 x 8 in
    20, 50, or 100 Microns Z Resolution 20, 50, or 100 Microns
    Up to 1 vertical inch per hour Print Speed Up to 1 vertical inch per hour
    Standard, Castable, Dental Materials Standard, Castable, Dental

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    Now you can create intricate high-quality designs, confident your models will always be perfectly rendered. MoonRay’s excellent precision and perfect surface finish guarantee you’ll be able to make the quality pieces you are looking to produce. MoonRay S gives you quality, intricacy, and ultra-fast print speed--an unbeatable combination.

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