About SprintRay

SprintRay was founded by two engineers from the University of Southern California and is now made up of a small team of world-class engineers and designers based in Los Angeles, California, with a manufacturing base in China. We’re excited about the growth of the 3D-printing industry. Whether you’re part of a large company, small business, or a hobbyist, we aim to bring you access to the best technology.

With the best quality, accuracy, and speed at a competitive price, SprintRay creates a professional-grade, affordable 3D printing technology experience. Businesses who utilize castings, moldings, models, and small parts can benefit from the convenience and ease that SprintRay’s 3D printing technology provides. Professionals who utilize SprintRay technology include: customized manufacturers, artists, jewelry makers, and medical physicians -- including dental and orthopedics.

SprintRay’s High Resolution Desktop SLA state of the art 3D Printer makes creating parts and products effective for innovative individuals and businesses. SprintRay is on the cutting edge of 3D printing technology, making high-quality, affordable 3D printing a reality for every consumer.

Order MoonRayS for Your Desktop

Now you can create intricate high-quality designs, confident your models will always be perfectly rendered. MoonRay’s 100-micron precision and perfect surface finish guarantee you’ll be able to make the quality pieces you are looking to produce. MoonRay S gives you quality, intricacy, and a great price--an unbeatable combination.

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