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MoonRay Design Guide

Get the design specifications you need for 3D printing with MoonRay.

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First Time Guide for MoonRay 3D Printer

We'll walk you through the unboxing process and help you set up your machine.

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If you've searched through our knowledge center but are still having a problem with your MoonRay, you can submit a support ticket.

Our support team works Monday through Friday, from 10 AM - 5 PM PST.

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Kickstarter MoonRay Support

Visit our forum to access Kickstarter MoonRay-specific support topics.

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MoonRay Forum

Discuss your 3D printing endeavors with other MoonRay owners.

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Running Low on Resin?

You'll find all of our available MoonRay resins and accessories, including resin tanks and build platforms, in the SprintRay store.

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