Setting up your MoonRay

Find a stable surface

Your MoonRay should be used on a solid, stable surface that is level and well ventilated. We’ve designed MoonRay to fit comfortably on your desk.

Find a level surface in order to make sure MoonRay functions properly.

Install build platform and resin tank

Slide the resin tank in to the base of the machine as shown.

Place the build platform on the print arm, then lock it with the handle.

Download RayWare

In order to start printing, you’ll need to download and install the latest version of our RayWare software. You can download it here.

Connect your MoonRay

Attach the power cable to the power brick and plug it in to the back of MoonRay. Connect the other end to a standard power outlet. You will be able to power on MoonRay by pressing the power button on the front of the machine, which will flash repeatedly as the machine is starting up. When your MoonRay is ready to go, the light around the power button will change from flashing repeatedly to fading in and out slowly. This means your MoonRay is ready to connect using RayWare. RayWare will walk you through the connection steps so you can begin printing. Learn more about the connection options in our guide.

Start printing

Shake the bottle gently before using resin. To add resin before printing, simply pour it in to the tank carefully, being mindful of the minimum (100ml) and maximum (250ml) fill lines within the resin tank.

Start printing

Once your MoonRay is properly set up and connected, you can get started with RayWare and begin your first print.

Turning off MoonRay

When your print is finished and you’re ready to turn your MoonRay off, press and hold down the power button until it begins flashing repeatedly. This means your MoonRay it is shutting down. When the power button light is off, your MoonRay has shut down.

Always turn off your MoonRay before unplugging the power cable.