MoonRay Premium Service Plan and Extended Warranty

$ 2,999

Premium Service Plan for MoonRay

All MoonRay 3D printers come with a standard one-year warranty. Our Premium Service Plan offers an extended warranty, priority service, plus $2,000 worth of consumables. The Premium Service Plan must be purchased within six months of ordering your MoonRay, and does not cover the replacement of consumable parts, including build platforms and resin tanks. Our Premium Service Plan includes all of the following benefits:

  • One year additional extended warranty (2 years total)
  • Access to in-person “3D Printing in Dentistry” workshops
  • Pro service plan, including priority repair service and "hot swaps"
  • Quarterly consumables: 1 resin drum per quarter for 2 years
  • Quarterly consumables: Choice of 1 liter Standard Resin or 0.5 liters of Castable Resin per quarter for 2 years
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    You'll find all of our available MoonRay resins and accessories, including resin tanks and build platforms, in the SprintRay store.

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