MoonRayS Materials

Designed and Calibrated for MoonRay S

Browse our selection of resins created and calibrated specifically for MoonRay S. We have resins available in a wide variety of colors and for several different functions.

Pick the resin that best suits your needs and start printing.

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A Diverse Selection of Materials - MoonRay

Functional Materials

Finely Tuned for Your Process

Our functional resins are made for MoonRay S' and allow you to print high-resolution parts.
Pick the one that fits your application.

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Gray Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay Download SDS

Gray Resin

Our gray resin has been designed to make finishing easy. Your parts will print ready to paint, no primer necessary. We’ve formulated our gray resin to be completely neutral -- it doesn’t lean warm or cool. Whether you’re prototyping or creating a finished product, MoonRay Gray Resin will make the process simple.

Castable Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay Download SDS

Castable Resin

MoonRay S' Castable Resin allows you to print models to use for investment casting. For best results, read our guide to castable resin. It is easy to work with and leaves no residue or ash after the burnout process.

Standard Materials

Finely Tuned for the Ultimate Finish

MoonRay S' Standard Resins come in a variety of colors, including orange, white, and clear.
MoonRay S' Resins have been formulated to stay true to the original dimensions of your model and preserve every detail.

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Orange Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay Download SDS

Orange Resin

This bright, eye-catching orange resin is our original standard resin. It has been formulated to provide an excellent surface finish and print ultra-fine details.

Clear Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay Download SDS

Clear Resin

MoonRay S' Standard Resin in Clear is an excellent choice for engineers, as it allows you to see all of the inner workings of your prototyped part.

White Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay Download SDS

White Resin

This resin’s bright white color produces beautiful parts, straight from your MoonRay S'. It also makes a great base for painted parts.

Green Resin - Functional Materials for MoonRay

Green Resin

MoonRay S' Fluorescent Green Resin is our Standard Resin. It has been formulated to work with MoonRay S and allows you to print even the finest details. It also glows in dark!

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You'll find all of our available MoonRay resins and accessories, including resin tanks and build platforms, in the SprintRay store.

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