MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

High-Resolution DLP 3D Printer

MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

MoonRay is a desktop UV DLP (digital light processing) 3D printer, which offers a much higher resolution output than other desktop SLA (stereolithography) printers on the market.

MoonRay delivers incredible accuracy, solid durability, and great print speed at an affordable price.

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Design Philosophy

As little design as possible.

When we designed MoonRay, we aimed to strip away the clutter and keep things as simple as possible. As a result, the MoonRay has no moving parts that aren’t essential to the printing process. This simplicity allows the MoonRay to keep running smoothly over time.

At just 15" by 15" by 20" tall, the MoonRay is sized to sit in a small space. MoonRay comes in two colors, so you can choose the machine that fits your style. It also comes fully assembled, making setup simple.

Design Philosophy: As little design as possible.

Custom-built projector for 3D printing fine details.

Effective X Y Resolution

100 Microns

UV DLP Technology

RayOne UV DLP Light Source

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Custom-built projector for 3D printing fine details.

MoonRay’s RayOne projector uses Blue-violet (405nm) to cure our custom-formulated resins. Most similar 3D printers use commercial projectors, which produce white light but not pure UV light, which is less efficient and can lead to inconsistent results. MoonRay’s UV projector, RayOne, was custom designed with some special qualities:

Perfect light spectrum: Our custom-built projector hits the proper wavelength consistently across the build platform, which allows for real 100-micron XY resolution.

Runs cool and quiet: Utilizing a UV projector allows the MoonRay to avoid overheating and makes it much quieter than commercial projectors in other 3D printers.

Long lifespan: RayOne’s 50,000-hour lifespan means you won’t ever need to replace the bulb.

RayWare Software

Prepare for 3D printing.

RayWare makes printing with MoonRay simple. Add your models and let the software do the work for you. RayWare features our advanced support-generation algorithm, optimized to make strong, correctly placed supports without wasting material.

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RayWare™ Software: Prepare for 3D printing.

Revolutionary Resin Tank: Built for durability and efficiency.

Revolutionary Resin Tank

Patent Pending

Built for durability and efficiency.

We designed the MoonRay’s resin tank to last, so there’s no more replacing your printer’s resin tank or changing the PDMS layer. We've put an end to the frustrating PDMS process, so you can focus on making great prints without worrying about costly maintenance of the resin tank. Our affordable resins and low-maintenance resin tank make MoonRay a cost-efficient investment.

A Diverse Selection of Materials

Material library.

We have resins available in a wide variety of colors and for several different functions. Pick the resin that best suits your needs and start printing.

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A Diverse Selection of Materials


Designed For Your Process.

Learn how MoonRay is able to enhance your process:


3D Printing for dental with MoonRay

Engineering & Prototyping

3D Printing for Engineering and Prototyping with MoonRay

Art & Design

3D Printing for Art and Design with MoonRay

MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

Now you can create intricate high-quality designs, confident your models will always be perfectly rendered. MoonRay’s 100-micron precision and perfect surface finish guarantee you’ll be able to make the quality pieces you are looking to produce. MoonRay gives you quality, intricacy, and a great price--an unbeatable combination.

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