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  • Unbox and setup your MoonRay

    Unbox carefully

    1. Lay the box on its back, so the MoonRay text and drawing of the machine are facing up.

    2. Open the box and remove the accessory package.

    3. Remove the top foam insert, then you'll be able to easily lift out MoonRay.

    4. Also between the foam inserts are two boxes, containing the resin tank and a spare resin drum. Remove these.

    5. Take a proper inventory to make sure you've received all the necessary parts to run your MoonRay. 

    Retain the packaging, in case you need to ship your MoonRay in the future.

    Find a stable surface

    Your MoonRay should be used on a solid, stable surface that is level and well ventilated. We've designed MoonRay to fit comfortably on your desk.

    Find a level surface in order to make sure MoonRay functions properly.