MoonRay Wireless 1st Time Guide

Unbox Your MoonRay

Unbox your MoonRay carefully and ensure all of the required parts are included:

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Your finishing kit and first liter of resin will arrive in separate boxes.

We recommend you save your MoonRay’s packaging in case you ever need to ship your machine to us for service.
Order Today: MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

Set Up Your MoonRay

Find a stable and level surface to place your MoonRay and plug in the power cable. Place the build platform on the print arm and lock it with the handle, then install the resin tank.

Order Today: MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

Connect Using RayWare

Turn your MoonRay on with the power button, which will flash repeatedly as the machine is starting up. When your MoonRay is ready to go, the light around the power button will change from flashing repeatedly to fading in and out slowly. This means your MoonRay is ready to connect using RayWare. RayWare will walk you through the connection process, but we recommend Print via Wireless Network for most users. The password for the network your MoonRay will broadcast during the connection process is sprintray.

When you use your MoonRay in the future, the light around the power button will go from flashing while starting up to solid when it is ready to be used.

Printing Your Model

Get ready to begin printing by adding resin to your MoonRay's resin tank. When adding resin to the tank, gently shake the resin bottle first and be mindful of the minimum and maximum fill lines when pouring.

Order Today: MoonRay, A Step Forward in 3D Printing

Always wear gloves when working with liquid resin.

Add your 3D model in RayWare using the + button in the top left. Arrange your model(s) and add supports if necessary. We recommend that your first print is the MoonRay test keychain, which prints quickly and does not require supports. To start a print, use the MoonRay icon in the right side of RayWare.

To pause a print in progress, press MoonRay’s power button once quickly (do not hold it down). Your machine’s print arm will rise. To resume, press the power button again. Do not resume your print until MoonRay’s print arm has stopped moving.

To turn off MoonRay when your print is finished, press and hold the power button until it starts flashing. This means the machine is shutting down.

Always turn off your MoonRay with the power button before unplugging the power cable.

Finishing Your Printed Parts

After your print is finished, remove the build platform and place it in the finishing kit for easy model removal. Always wear gloves during the finishing process.

Keep the red top cover on your MoonRay after printing to avoid curing the resin in the resin tank.

Clean the excess resin from your part by submerging it in isopropyl alcohol using the provided bucket.

Dry off your model using compressed air or a clean cloth.

We recommend 10-15 minutes in 91% isopropyl alcohol for best results.

Break off supports or use a tool for more precise removal. If you would like your part to reach optimal hardness, use a UV chamber for additional post curing.

Maintain Your MoonRay

Clean your MoonRay’s build platform and resin tank carefully after each print using 91% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth or paper towel. Always clean the build platform first to prevent any excess resin from dripping down into the base of the machine.

Do not use any hard or sharp tools to clean the resin tank, as you risk puncturing it.
Reduce waste by removing excess resin from the build platform and resin tank using the resin wiper provided with your finishing kit.

Request Assistance

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